New Skate bowl for our Skaters @BahiaSurfCamp

After launching our half pipe we got extremely good resonances. So we started to build a new part to our "Skater Paradise": The brand new Skate bowl! ;-)

So Feel free to test our new Baby! :-)

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New Pilates Studio @BahiaSurfCamp

The new Pilates Studio is out now! We hope you like it as much as we do!

How about making some pilates and jump after that in the sea next to the camp? ;-)

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Joiz-TV Switzerland @BahiaSurfCamp

Joiz-TV Switzerland visits Bahia Surf Camp and got surf tips by Beto Dias Azevedo

Special thanks to Suddenrush, Chris Bachmann, Chregi Künzli, Philippe Ruff & Joiz

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